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The Institute for Education and Research Training in Pain and Palliative Care

The Institute for Education and Research Training in Pain and Palliative Care provides the academic infrastructure for the Department of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care.

The Institute organizes educational programs, such as core courses for staff development, conferences on pain and chemical dependency, research in palliative care, and geriatric palliative care.

It has also established the following ongoing educational initiatives:

Weekly educational programs include:
  • Case-based palliative care teaching program for medical housestaff rotating through the oncology and AIDS units
  • Departmental clinical case conference and monthly Grand Rounds
The Institute also oversees the continued development of the website.

The Institute maintains an active research program and offers a wide-ranging program of clinical research focused on analgesic therapies, treatments for symptoms other than pain, and quality of life investigations. Research includes a prospective longitudinal survey of quality-of-life outcomes in patients with diverse types of progressive illness, a survey of family caregivers, and a survey of caregiver survivors of patients who recently died.

For more information about fellowships or the Institute, please contact Myra Glajchen, DSW, Institute Director, at 212-844-1472.

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